Nursing Theory

The nursing profession has evolved greatly over time. Moving from dependence upon total medical direction providing basic care into an independent practice modality, nursing has its own nursing theory practice, nursing models, and distinct nursing interventions. Nursing theories have been developed by a large number of leaders in the nursing field. Below is a list of major nursing theorists who have contributed to the development of professional nursing practice into what it is today.

Nursing Theorists

Evidence-Based Nursing

Part of learning to be a nurse is learning about how to nurse. That is, a nurse must learn different nursing theories, methods, and research in order to be able to practice as a nurse in the health care field.

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Definition of Nursing

From the earliest nuns who cared for the sick and dying to the modern men and women who work in hospitals, clinics, and homes to help people achieve and maintain health, nursing is a way to get involved in the health care industry and work with patients on a personal level.

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Nursing Techniques

Part of working as a nurse is deciding how to approach and care for individual patients and their families. As with any career involving people, there is no set formula on how to deal with and treat patients.

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