How to Study in Nursing School


The chance to go to nursing school has attracted many newcomers into the industry. The nursing shortage of the last few decades has created easier access to getting into nursing schools. However, getting in and actually graduating are two different things. Many people considering going into the nursing profession want to know how hard is nursing.

The nursing profession appeals to a broad range of people. Where else can you earn a living while improving the quality of other people’s lives in a profound way? Nurses are on the front line in the healthcare field and they are the ones who really get their hands dirty. Their interactions with their patients make them the ones that patients will remember years from now.

There are many challenges that aspiring nurses have to overcome. One of the hardest, according to polls and surveys, is time management. Staying organized is really a challenge, but is vitally important. Nursing students are constantly being pulled between their coursework, studying, and clinicals. They have to juggle all those things along with their social, personal, and family responsibilities. That makes time management something that has to be mastered.

Another difficulty facing todays’s aspiring nurses are the exams. The exams they have in nursing school today are trickier than they used to be. Each nursing course comes with its own test and evaluation. In many cases an answer must be ‘more’ than just correct, it has to be ‘most correct’. For example, it’s like saying that to treat an open wound you would keep pressure on it to slow the bleeding. While this is true, if it’s all you would do, then you are not engaging in modern nursing. So they want the ‘best’ course of action, not just an ‘effective’ course of action.

So Much to Learn in Nursing School

Learning medical terminology can really be difficult. It’s like learning a whole new language. Many nurses wind up getting tutors for the classes they have difficulty with. It takes a ‘never give up’ attitude to get through nursing school today. The amount of learning required can be overwhelming in the initial stages, but most nursing students find their bearings in time. It’s like riding a bike for the first time, it takes a few spills to get it right. But once you get it, you got it for life.

Burn-Out in Nursing School

A nursing student’s life is very busy and it is easy to try to do too much. Many students get caught up in all of the things they have to get done, and neglect taking time to relax. The relaxing part is every bit as important as the studying and work. Any student who is working hard at becoming a nurse, needs to set aside time for recreation and spending time with family. This is how the body and mind re-energize, and it will be an asset for finishing the course. Everybody’s batteries need to be recharged now and then to avoid burn-out. Learning how to study in nursing school involves maintaining that delicate balance of work and recreation. You can do it, along with countless others who have faced the same challenge and made it through.

Types of Classes Nursing School Students Take

Nursing education includes a variety of different classes. Aside from the supervised ‘hands on’ clinical training in clinics, hospitals, and other health care settings, there are nursing courses like:

  • Nursing Science
  • Chemistry
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Communication
  • Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Pharmacology
  • Human Anatomy

and these will vary from program to program. You will need to check on what the requirements are for the school you are interested in attending.

Benefits of Nursing School

Choosing Nursing as your career carries many benefits. Part of the reward is being able to help people and enjoying that fulfillment on a daily basis. As a nurse, you will be able to choose your own specialty and work in whatever field of nursing that suits you best. You will be paid well for the work you do and even travel if that’s your desire.

Nursing is a very noble profession. It also provides you with opportunities for leadership. There are some nurses who make their way into management and end up being in leadership positions in large healthcare companies.

Aside from the excellent wages and benefits you will also enjoy something that is hard to come by these days, which is job security. Nurses are always in demand and in short supply. They will always be a necessity for our healthcare system. There will always be a position for you to fill. The outlook for job growth regarding nurses is excellent.