Nursing Mentors


When someone gives an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony or writes an acknowledgments page in a book, he or she often thanks friends and family, others in the field who were inspirational, as well as professors that provided the education that started the career path. As you can see from these speeches and acknowledgments pages, most men and women don’t achieve their career goals on their own. Not only do they benefit from the instruction of teachers and professors, as well as the support of coworkers and employers, but many people move forward and upward with the help of their mentors. The field of nursing is no exception to this.

What is a nursing mentor?

A nursing mentor is someone who works in the field of nursing who provides advice, guidance, and support as you go through your nursing education and career. A mentor is someone who will work closely with you as you make career decisions and achieve your goals. A mentor goes beyond simple academic advising or preparing you for job interviews. Instead, a nursing mentor is someone who will help you get on the right path for your short- and long-term goals in the field of nursing. Sometimes this means getting you in touch with people who can help you, while other times it means helping you figure out whether a particular job opportunity is right for you or not.

Why are nursing mentors beneficial?

Nursing mentors can help you move your career in the direction you want it to go without as much trial and error. Ideally, a mentor is in the position you would like to have, or has been in that position in the past. So he or she can help you make decisions in your education and career that will put you on the right path in order to meet your long-term goals. A nursing mentor can also provide you with emotional support. Whether you’re struggling to study for exams or frustrated with a coworker, a mentor can be there to help you work through problems, encourage you to persevere, or simply listen to you complain. A mentor can also give you inside information you wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, he or she might know of a healthcare professional that is difficult to work with, but will help you grow.

How do I choose a nursing mentor?

A nursing mentor has to be chosen carefully. This is someone who will work with you for a long time, so it has to be someone you get along with and someone you admire in the nursing field. By choosing someone you get along with, you’ll have a friendly relationship on top of a mentoring relationship. If you get along with your mentor, you’re more likely to take his or her advice and guidance. If you choose someone you admire in the nursing field, you’re more likely to have a mentor whose career you’d like to follow. This will ensure that the advice your mentor gives you will be in line with your career goals.

Sometimes, a nursing mentor is not chosen at all. Instead, the relationship of mentor and student develops from a relationship that already exists. For example, a nursing student may find she has a strong connection with her academic advisor, and that develops into a mentoring relationship after graduation.

Most people know they can’t get where they want to be on their own. A nursing mentor is someone who can help guide you and shape your nursing career into what you want it to be. Through your mentor’s advice, support, and connections, you can put yourself on the right path to achieve your goals so you can look back on your nursing career and count yourself a success.