First Annual Travel Nurse Day

Celebrate Travel Nurses

The reactions are definitely happy, ranging from “Let the games begin!” to “It’s about time!” They come in response to the announcement by Medical Solutions that October 11, 2013 will dedicate a brand new holiday. It is the first annual Travel Nurse Day, celebrating and honoring the travel nurse corps, a dedicated group with little recognition … until now.

Being a Travel Nurse

All nurses have a “hard work” reputation, but travel nursing is hard work with a slight difference. The travel nurse has all the commitment to patient care that is the trademark of his or her profession. In addition, travel nurses must be highly flexible with time and schedule simply because, at little more than a moment’s notice in some instances, they must go whenever and wherever they are needed. There’s no time to ease into a situation when you’re a travel nurse. There is little or no time to become “one of the staff.” Your situations are almost always unique. You’re needed somewhere, so you go – wherever that is, and you help. When your work is finished, you turn around and head for the next demanding situation. That’s what a travel nurse does, and that’s what a travel nurse is all about.

Why Travel Nurse Day

The first annual travel nurse day is a way of entertaining these workers who give so much of their time and themselves. It is also a way of saying thank you for a unique contribution to the medical field. The celebration actually began on October 4, starting with contests, games, prizes, and a raffle. There are gift cards available and a grand prize as well, with winners announced on celebration day, October 11.

Medical Solutions, the third largest travel nurse staffing company, focuses on filling short-term staffing needs with qualified, caring medical personnel. It maintains a national network of so-called travelers, who provide excellent care despite the nationwide shortage of RNs. Its travel nurses work in more than 1,000 client hospitals across the country.

All of the nation’s travel nurses are urged to participate in this first special way of honoring them and their dedicated work. It’s a brand new holiday. Come join us, travel nurses everywhere, and let us honor you!