Katie Eriksson

Biography and Career of Katie Eriksson

Katie Eriksson is a Finland-Swedish nurse. After taking nursing in 1965 to be able to practice nursing, she became a nursing instructor at Helsinki Swedish Medical Institute. She currently works as a professor of health sciences at Abo Akademi University in Vaasa, where she built a master’s degree program in health sciences, and a four-year postgraduate studies program leading to a doctoral degree in health sciences.

One of Katie Eriksson’s works is:

Katie Eriksson’s Contribution to Nursing Theory: Theory of Caritative Caring

The Theory of Caritative Caring was developed by Katie Eriksson. This model of nursing distinguishes between caring ethics, the practical relationship between the patient and the nurse, and nursing ethics. Nursing ethics are the ethical principles that guide a nurse’s decision-making abilities. Caritative caring consists of love and charity, which is also known as caritas, and respect and reverence for human holiness and dignity. According to the theory, suffering that occurs as a result of a lack of caritative care is a violation of human dignity.

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